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EnJoy AZ fall temperatures with screen doors and window screens.

Fall is just around the corner and cooler temperatures will be upon us once again. When these temperatures arrive, what better place to be than outside and letting the crisp autumn air blow into your house while keeping the bugs out. Fall in Arizona is a great time to open the doors and windows and get out all that stagnant recycled air and get fresh air blowing through.

Plan ahead and make sure your sliding screen door is working properly and the screen is in tact in order to keep out any insects.

If your fur baby has damaged your screen, we can re•screen your door and for a little extra we can even add a pet guard to the bottom which will help protect your screen from Fido running through it anymore.

If your screen door is damaged beyond repair or you simply don’t have one, for less than $300 you can get a brand new custom screen door professionally installed.

We can also install bug or sun screens. on any or all of your windows.

As always, if your sliding patio door (door wall) is not rolling well or getting stuck halfway, we can get that rolling again too.

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